2017 Bandroom Demos

by Epoch of Unlight

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These are demos recorded in our practice room -- we're amateurs at self-recording, so the quality isn't professional obviously! These are just meant to mark our progress and to give you guys a little something to listen to while we work. We'll be adding some more demos here and there as we work towards next official EoU release.

These songs feature the same lineup as the Foreshadows EP, with the addition of Scott on lead vocals.


released May 21, 2017



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Epoch of Unlight Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: The Anthropocene
From the depths arose life
Born of a need to leave the sea
And so began the eons march to sentience, to conquer all seen
An unstoppable virus, so cancerous and so obscene
A blight upon the world
The Anthropocene

An epoch of unnatural evolution
A world reshaped by need
Anthropogenic agents of destruction unconstrained by destiny
Imperfections mount with consequence
No man could foresee the whims of The Immortals
The extinction event proceeds

A global plague brings forth the end of an age
The poison sky bleeds revenge from on high
A rising tide sweeps away this verminous kind
The faithful pray for rapture, but they’re betrayed
The end is nigh, it’s only a matter of time

The pulse fades
The light dies

The Immortal bows its head as failure clouds its eyes
Merciful malevolence where there once was pride
A cycle of creation, a cycle of demise
The clay is formed, a spell is cast
The golem springs to life

The end is nigh, it’s only a matter of time